About Mia…

Mia White brings to her practice over 25 years of background in yoga & holistic health practices. Licensed by the Virginia Board of Nursing in 2002 to practice Massage Therapy, she has since studied Zero Balancing, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Prenatal Massage, Aromatherapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Mayan Abdominal Massage.   As an instructor at the Virginia School of Massage, she taught anatomy & physiology, methodology for multiple modalities, and ethics. As a yoga teacher, she teaches gentle yoga designed to prevent injury and expand the mind-body-spirit connection, and integrates some yoga into her work with massage clients. She has also rehabilitated three very athletic sons numerous times, and has worked with clients from 7 to 90 years of age. Mia looks forward to being your partner in wellness, too.

When she’s not at her massage studio, you might find Mia at Common Ground Healing Arts Center in Charlottesville, where she teaches yoga classes and workshops.

What Massage Can Do For You:

Improve muscle tone

Increase range of motion in restricted joints

Improve mental clarity

Increase circulation

Reduce pain

Improve sleep & digestion

Remove toxins

Enhance sense of well-being

Increase spiritual connection

Aid recover from injury

What you Can Expect From a
Professional Massage Session with Mia:

To have a warm, quiet, comfortable and private setting throughout your session

High standards of hygiene

To have complete privacy while dressing and undressing

To enjoy the same confidentiality you’d expect from any health professional

To be offered guidance on health issues when appropriate

Acceptance and support for any emotional release that may occur

To be in control of temperature, music, light, and pressure

To give at least 24 hours notice to avoid the full-session cancellation fee

How to Prepare for a Massage Session:

Frame your session with quiet time—both before and after—to maximize the benefits

Drink some water before and after your massage; it heightens the effects of massage

Arrive clean, on time, and fragrance-free

Be prepared to pay for your session at the time of your visit—either by check or cash. Some clients prefer to pay at the beginning of the session

If possible, make arrangements to leave beepers and cell phones behind—this is your time

Be prepared to tell Mia what you want to get our of your session or about any health issues or concerns you may have