Services Offered:

Integrative Massage

Mia will customize each massage using techniques from many modalities to best meet your needs and wants for each session. It’s all about you––for 60, 75, or 90 minutes.  To choose your session length, see current prices,  and self-schedule, click on ‘Schedule Here’ below.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most well-known and widely-practiced form of bodywork, and forms the basis for most sessions.  Using unscented massage cream and natural essential oils, the whole body is gently stroked and kneaded to soothe, relax, and stretch, reducing muscle tension and soreness, eliminating toxins, and improving circulation and flexibility.  Massage promotes improved energy, sleep, digestion, stress reduction, and ease in the body.  The client’s modesty is always protected with careful draping of sheets and blankets, and the level of pressure is dictated by the client.

Mayan Abdominal Massage & Visceral Manipulation

In many traditions, the abdomen is considered the center of the self.  And new research considers it to be the center of the immune system as well.  Many things can interfere with the vitality of the complex abdominal systems:  lack of healthy movement, sleep, and water, unhealthy diet, surgery, illness or injury, stress––all these and more can diminish the full function of the organs and their interrelationship with each other.

Mayan Abdominal Massage is gentle but deep and wonderful work that can improve fertility, stimulate digestion, relieve hiatal hernia, aid recovery from childbirth, reduce anxiety, and release adhesions in the many layers of tissues that can be the root cause of hip and back pain.  Visceral Manipulation helps to restore and balance the abdominal organs, also very gentle but powerful.  But equally important, abdominal therapy can restore a deeper sense of centeredness, self, and womanhood.


Craniosacral Therapy

Modern Craniosacral Therapy (CST) began its development in the mid-1800’s, arising out of osteopathic medicine,  but there is evidence it has been practiced over many centuries in many cultures.  The craniosacral system nourishes and protects the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system.  When this system is functioning optimally, our immune system is strong, our thinking is clear, our sleep is sound.  Many events in life can disrupt the flow of the many complex energies of the central nervous system, but CST works to identify and correct the blockages and imbalances,  restoring flow of fluids and nerve signals, and awakening the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

While a CST session would be beneficial at any time, it is especially well-suited to address head/neck/spinal injuries, concussions, pre- and post-dental work, and to relieve trauma. In a full CST session, the client remains fully clothed and lying on her back.  Or, some CST can be integrated into a regular massage session as well.

Reflexology Foot Massage

The entire body can benefit from a Reflexology Foot Massage, by stimulating the reflex points on the feet. If you’re new to massage, short on time, have a reason why a full-body massage is not possible, or just want your feet and legs to feel heavenly, this is a wonderful choice! If you’re an athlete, this will up your game. 60 minutes devoted to just the feet, lower legs, and knees. For more information, read Meet Your Feet on the home page.


On natural health enhancement including nutrition, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle. Usually included in session, unless a longer consultation is desired.

Package of 4 Sessions

Book a package of 4 sessions for 60, 75, or 90 minutes, and receive a 10% discount.  Ideal for clients who wish to make significant progress on a specific issue, injury, etc., or in general wellbeing.   The package is to be used within 8 weeks, with a little wiggle room.   Many of my clients choose this, coming weekly or bi-weekly.  Let me know when you come if you’d like to begin a package as of that visit.

[Sorry, the Package-of-4 discount does not apply to house calls since I don’t charge a trip fee.]

House Calls

I will make house calls to work with women who have their own massage table and linens in their home, in the neighborhoods near Old Trail.  I do not charge a trip fee for this.  If interested, please contact me to discuss.

Gift Certificates

A beautiful gift certificate with envelope is available for any of the services I offer.


To other health care practitioners to enhance your health & wellness and/or for needs that are beyond the scope of my practice.